Winter Break Ideas for Keeping Little Busy Hands, BUSY!

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Tis’ the season for Holiday FUN! That means cooking, shopping, cleaning and if you have kids, intense excitement and non-stop energy. It also means NO SCHOOL.

To keep little busy hands busy, there are plenty of art projects to do out that are easy to manage with your kiddos. If your kids are into making crafts or go on adventures, there is no shortage of ideas or places to go in Columbus, Ohio.

Here are a few Crafts for kids to check out. 

Craft projects are a great filler to pass the time that involve moving the hands and fingers but they also offer many benefits to growing young minds.



Some benefits of creating Arts and Crafts:

Develop fine Motor skills
– Increases Dexterity
– Improves Hand-Eye Coordination
– Boost Self Esteem
– Encourages Self Expression
– Helps in Socializing
– Promotes innovation and creativity
– Enhances decision-making skills


Adventures are another great option to let the kids blow off that holiday energy too. If you are a working parent and they have to attend off site care, the JUNIOR EXPLORER CLUB provides the best of both worlds. Not your traditional childcare as we focus on creativity outside the four-walled room. Whether out on adventure or exploring the CLUBHOUSE filled with multiple themed rooms, children are never bored.

To learn more about the fun adventures and craft activities planned, check out the JUNIOR EXPLORER CLUB Adventures available here.