The Explorers Anticipate the Yearly Trip to Put-In-Bay

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Exploring Put-in-Bay is THE epic annual field trip


Wednesday, July 24th is the day the explorers talk about all year long!! Getting off the beaten path and exploring Put-in-Bay is the perfect summer field trip for our Jr. Explorers. The village on South Bass Island, about three hours north by both auto and boat, offers many historical and natural learning experiences. It’s a fullllllll day and totally worth it!

Miller Ferry

An 18-minute boat ride each way, Miller Ferry not only get us to the bay but it’s also fun in and of itself. The kids love feeling the wind in their hair as they admire the large boat and the Great Lake views.



After the three-hour road trip, kids get to burn off some steam at PIB’s playground. Like any playground, it offers slides and swings and what-have-you, but unlike our beloved Upper Arlington playgrounds, it offers a stunning view of Lake Erie. So as we get to stretch our legs and get the wiggles out, we also get a glimpse of the boats and the lighthouse.


Golf carts

A favorite way to get around the island is on a golf cart. Our safe-driving and experienced staff put away their bus keys and get behind the wheel of a cart to take the kids on open-air adventures of the island. After cruising around to the various sites and activities, kids will no doubt come home asking for a cart of their own.


Frosty’s Pizza Shop

A Great Lakes institution, Frosty’s has the best pizza on the island, and who doesn’t love pizza? Frosty’s tops our PIB to-do list for our annual field trip, and we highly recommend it.



From cooling off to throwing rocks, the beach is the classic summertime spot, and PIB offers some of the most scenic beaches in the state.


Perry’s Cave

At Jr. Explorers, we are known for combining fun and learning, and Perry’s Cave is just the place for both. With a butterfly exhibit, a climbing wall, giant maze, putt-putt golf and the limestone cave 52 feet below the surface of South Bass Island, it’s got something for all of our explorers.


And so much more!

Put-in-Bay is close enough for a day trip but far enough to experience a totally different landscape. Our kids will have a day to remember and, if after hearing about their adventures you decide to check out PIB yourself, let us know if you need any recommendations for things to do and places to eat! For kid-friendly fun or an adult getaway, PIB has a lot to offer.

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