FOOOOOOOORE!! Getting up to par with Golf Lessons

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Getting up to par with golf lessons 


Just in time for fall. We are hitting the range and driving home some lessons. The course being offered: GOLF! August 29 – September 19, the Jr. Explorer Club is offering golf lessons as part of our after-school programming choices. 

Whether one is a golfer or not, the benefits of golf and golf lessons are innumerable, especially for kids. There are the obvious ones – unplugging, getting outside, away from screens.


Social skills 

Whether it’s playing with other kids on the course or with grandparents, even just a nine-hole round can give people time away from the hustle and bustle, to focus on the game and each other.


Or alone time

Golf is unique in that it can be played with others or alone, depending on one’s mood.



Golf provides opportunities for constant learning and improving.



Unlike passing fads of Beyblades or slime, golf is a timeless recreation that kids will be able to enjoy forever.



Golf injuries are far less common than injuries from other sports like baseball, football or gymnastics. And it’s considered by some mom experts as one of the top sports for kids to play:


Discipline and emotional control

Golf has many rules that must be followed, as well as behavior expectations including trying to maintain composure after a bad shot.


But do kids learn any skills that they can use off the course?

Strategy, planning, decision-making, turn-taking, collaborating, accountability (can’t blame someone else for a bad shot!), responsibility (can’t miss a tee time!), when to be quiet, integrity (keeping score, not moving the ball), maturity… and fun!


But is golf considered exercise?

Walking the golf course is low-intensity exercise and builds endurance, and when you add in carrying a bag of clubs, golf for sure burns some calories and provides much-needed fresh air. And, with its unique pace and less in-your-face competitiveness, golf can be a great sport for kids who aren’t into other sports.


Is my kid the right age for golf?

Although Tiger Woods was a better golfer at two than some of us will ever be, not everyone is ready for learning about proper grip and golf etiquette that young. According to the Keiser University College of Golf, kids as young as five or six are typically ready for formal lessons.


But I really don’t have time to take my kid to lessons.

The Junior Explorer Club can get them teed up! If you are already a part of our after-school care program, we will pick up your child at their designated school as usual, get them a snack and drive them to their lessons. Additional transportation back to UA after lessons is also available for a small fee. Open to all Junior Explorer Club members. If you are not a member and would like to sign up your child, please click here for more details.   Join us and sign up for golf lessons. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!