Don’t Let It Bug You…

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What may bug you when it comes to the world of bugs, can be just the opposite for little ones.

As the owner of an adventure childcare business at the JUNIOR EXPLORER CLUB (JEC) , I rarely encounter a kid who doesn’t love to play with bugs. The creepier the bug, the better. And what better way to get their attention when it comes to educating them on the world of bugs, then to get down in the dirt and play.

With the cold months creeping in and outdoor time somewhat limited, we decided to bring the bugs INDOORS!

The JUNIOR EXPLORER CLUB (JEC) is excited to welcome Mark the Bugman as part of our programming on January 20th, a NO SCHOOL day for many districts.

This creepy, crawly and educational activity will take place at the new JEC Clubhouse in our Oddities and Curiosities room. A room filled with bugs, bones, S.T.E.A.M. related activities and all things weird and unusual to help trigger the imagination outside the box.

Explorers will enjoy some hands-on educational fun while exploring the world of bugs with Mark the Bugman. The shows are fun and entertaining for all.  Lead by professional educators and scientists, this programming is designed to teach through respectful interactions. They don’t “play” with the BUGS but they will get the opportunity to hold and see the bugs up close. People of all ages learn cool stuff from our BUGS!

OPEN TO ALL AGES!!! We invite you to sign up your little bug to be a part of our program for the day.

To learn more about details and pricing, click here!