Adventures Savings Club

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A program designed exclusively for families impacted by COVID19 closures. This includes all families who invested in Spring Break, After-School Care, Preschool and Kindergarten Wrap programs during Spring Break and April 2020.



The JUNIOR EXPLORER CLUB has been busy behind the scenes working to establish new policies and practices to meet the needs of our families given the ever-changing news. Previously we stated April fees would be used to secure a space and any additional fees paid would be used towards future services. We have decided to modify our policy on April tuition payments.



Effective immediately, 100% of payments for April invoices will be banked in the newly established program, Adventure Savings Club. Also included in the program is our Spring Break 2020 unused services. With the launch of the Adventures Savings Club, families impacted by canceled services will receive credits but not able to be cash refunded. These credits can be used towards future JEC services. We are grateful for your understanding and patience.


The Benefits of the ADVENTURES SAVINGS CLUB Program includes:

  • 100% of April 2020 invoice payments made for After-School Care (ASC), Preschool (PreK) and Kindergarten Wrap (KWrap) programs will go towards future JEC services
  • All Spring Break 2020 unused services will go towards future JEC service
  • All current 2019/2020 do not have to pay any additional fees to hold on to their school year seats
  • Credits good through May 2021
  • Credits can be used by all JEC approved family members
  • Credits can be gifted to others, at your request
  • Future JEC services include all JEC programs within, or outside of, the Clubhouse.


We understand that this has been a stressful time for families both mentally and financially. We hope this program designed with you in mind, will help ease some of your burdens. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.