Vote! Lori Trent Upper Arlington Board of Education

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As a business owner of an adventure childcare program, I value the youth within our community and beyond. I have been front row for the many trials and tribulations they face and strive to be a part of the solution. I do my best to work with leaders within our community that share this vision. I can say with absolute pleasure and confidence, that Lori Trent is that leader dedicated to bettering the lives of our youth.

It is with great confidence that I pledge my support for Lori Trent currently running for the Upper Arlington School Board.

Allow me to introduce, Lori Trent. She is a community member, educator and business professional focused on transforming education. She is committed to better preparing all students for future success by providing innovative opportunities and experiences that ignite their love for learning.

I would like to encourage everyone to learn more about her and consider your vote for Lori Trent.

I would like to share a conversation with you that changed my business and life. I hope you too are inspired by it. Years ago, we engaged in a conversation about my desire to start a non-traditional daycare idea geared towards adventures for kids. Lori not only encouraged me and gave me honest and helpful advice, she stayed in touch with me. Encouraging and supporting. When my little adventure idea was beginning to really grow, she stepped in to introduce me to the Past Foundation. A foundation dedicated to helping our youth thrive. In that intro, a partnership was formed. A partnership that will forever be the very first home of the Junior Explorer Club. We may have outgrown the space but my gratitude for that partnership forever lives on.

Lori believed in my vision but more importantly, she believed in the impact my company made on the children.

There are two kinds of people, contributors and contaminators.

Lori Trent is a contributor and has been since I’ve known her. Lori is in the trenches, whether it be a homeroom mom when our boys were in elementary class together or fighting for children’s educational rights. Lori is there. Lori is passionate about paving a clear path for your children to get the most out of our schools and is by far the most experienced. She has years and years of experience helping on several school board committees including the levy committee and is currently co-chair for the UA Schools STEM Advisory Group and the UA Schools Strategic coordination Group. Lori brings depth of educational experience working at the PAST Foundation, as well as a keen business sense having been in financial services half her career. She understands what it means to be fiscally responsible without losing sight of what’s best for our kids.

Lastly, she is a champion for kids. It is her very driving force behind everything she does.

And with that, I hereby endorse my vote for Lori and encourage everyone to Vote for Lori Trent. To learn more about Lori, click here.


Michele Rapp
C.E.O., Junior Explorer Club