Unplugged Summer Fun

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Summer – unplugged

Getting unplugged – and especially when it comes to kids – is a major topic of conversation lately. And even Silicone Valley parents are wary of screen time for their own kids. Read these articles to learn about their hesitations:



And if the people who know the most about this technology won’t let their own children use it, maybe the rest of should take notice.

So now what?

Screen time debate aside, summer is and always has been the time to get outdoors. Exploring nature or the city. Getting dirty. Embracing the freedom of less scheduling and better weather.

The Jr. Explorers are masters of the great outdoors! The club specializes in getting unplugged from technology and plugged into the world around us. The kids spend time getting dirty, exploring, learning and there’s not a screen in sight. The most recent adventure to ZipZone is no exception. In fact, the explorers were parked right into their element. Going out on a limb is nothing new as they mastered the adventure obstacle courses and zipped through the forest taking in the sights and sounds of nature at its finest.

But not every moment outdoors needs to be as structured as a field trip. Kids love a good scavenger hunt, watching ants work together to carry crumbs, playing tag, blowing bubbles, looking at the clouds, collecting leaves from various plants, digging in the dirt with a stick, rock hunting, listening to birds, drawing with sidewalk chalk. All the elements of being a kid.

Being in nature has a direct and positive impact on learning:


Fun facts about nature that will impress your kids: https://www.did-you-knows.com/did-you-know-facts/nature.php

It is amazing, watching these kids have fun with no technology. The games they come up with and the ideas they have to entertain themselves is a beautiful thing to experience. Grownups, and increasingly a lot of kids, have too long whipped out a phone every time a quiet moment presents itself. We need to take a cue from our kids and see what the world around us has to offer.

Check out this article from Geek Wire about the pros of phone-less boredom:  https://www.geekwire.com/2015/defense-boredom-phone-killing-creativity/

Summer is hitting the halfway mark but the adventures planned are plenty! From Seneca Caverns, Clays Water Park and Put-in-Bay trips to farm visits, scavenger hunts and outdoor adventure fun, the explorers are ready to tackle the Summer adventures that await.