Michele Rapp, CEO

Chief Exploration Officer
I am a mom of two delicious boys that I never thought I could have. I married my soulmate, Dave Rapp and we presently live in Upper Arlington. I have a black Lab, two cats and two snakes. If I could, I would continue to have children but I finally made it to being able to nap at the pool …. so, I started an in home daycare business with just six kids. I stumbled upon my passion out of the need to make sure children had a balance of outdoor activity in this electronic era that they are growing up in. Having the entrepreneurial spirit coursing through my veins, I knew that an in home daycare was a stepping stone to something bigger and better that I could provide for my community and others. My mission is to have a space where kids can be kids, discover new opportunities, ideas and be inspired and empowered.




Lori Sachs, Program Director

Lori brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of childcare and educational programming. She has spent more than 20 years in the industry as a teacher with a diverse background in managing and creating programs that foster the growth of creative educational play for children. More than just a brilliant understanding of educational programs, Lori has a knack for understanding how to approach the various ways each child learns and grows. Lori is not only diverse in her educational background but she’s also a world traveler, multilingual, and spent time as a teacher when she lived in Germany with her husband in the military. She and her husband reside in Bexley, Ohio and have one son together.



Cassandra Pritikin, Marketing Director

Cassandra came on board after spending 8 years growing a successful and lucrative direct sales marketing business. Ready for a change and a desire to help other women owned businesses, she joined our team eager and hit the ground running. She brings a strong business background as well as a positive sense of humor. A graduate of The Ohio State University, Cassandra and her husband, Bryan, continue to reside in Upper Arlington with their two beautiful daughters, Taylor and Kimber.






Lynn Stan

Chief Business Development and Community Outreach











Ciara Simula – Kindergarten Governor

Ciara, also known as Miss Cici, brings a spirit and childlike energy to our growing Kindergarten wrap program. Leading the way as the Kindergarten manager, Cici came to us after 10 years of being a stay-at-home Mom. When Cici decided to get back into the outside workforce she knew wanted to continue down the path of what she truly enjoyed: Children and creative arts. A perfect fit for our program, Cici is no stranger to the world of childcare. In addition to having her own three wonderful children, she has spent the last three years running a successful in-home daycare from infants to emerging Kindergartners.  In her free time, she also maintains a custom cross-stitching business with a large following. An artist and singer, she enjoys seeing live music, playing her guitar, and creating art—from simple crafts to complex drawing and painting. Cici has a smile that lights up the room and a passion (and patience) to help guide our emerging explorers to find their happy. She loves to laugh, enjoys all things creative, and to spend time with friends and family usually playing board games and camping. Cici and her husband, Collin, live in the North Columbus/Upper Arlington area with their three children, Rowan, Miles, and Beatrice.