The Best After School Care Program in Upper Arlington, Ohio

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What makes Junior Explorer Club the best after school care program in Upper Arlington? This is simply the result of our guiding philosophy. We don’t see ourselves as a traditional latchkey program but rather advocates for your child’s social and educational development. Our goal is to make certain your children are safe and happy, but also productive. We do this through educational creative play while using community involvement, or what we call ‘adventures’, that serve to empower and inspire.

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After School Care options in Upper Arlington

The Junior Explorer Club is dedicated to providing the best after school care possible. We cater to both morning and afternoon Kindergarten classes for grades 1 through 5 to all Upper Arlington elementary schools. And we conveniently provide transportation from a licensed professional to our new After School Center at the Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church, which is located at 2151 Dorset Rd., across the street from the Tremont Center.

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What to expect from your After School Care program in Upper Arlington

Your child’s time with us will involve activities to nourish their development while expanding educational opportunities.
Adventure time may include:

  • Field trips
  • Library visits
  • Arts and crafts
  • Museums
  • Swim lessons
  • And much more!

The Junior Explorer Club is happy to cater to your specific and custom needs. So if there is a particular service that you have in mind or a unique situation, please let us know how we can best serve you.

Upper Arlington parents expect more from After School Care

Upper Arlington parents, like most parents, want the very best for their children. This is why Upper Arlington parents demand such high educational standards in their schools, as evidenced by the fact that the Upper Arlington public school system is one of the top rated school districts in both Ohio and the nation at large. Similarly, it is for this reason that Upper Arlington parents expect more from after school care.

After decades of research and numerous studies from prestigious institutions, like the Harvard Family Research Project (HFRP), the verdict is in. Children who participate in after school programs can benefit greatly by developing life-changing skills that will both help them perform better in school and succeed later in life.

In fact there are four major benefits to after school care, if it’s done right:

  1. Academically
  2. Socially and emotionally
  3. At-risk behavior prevention
  4. Health and wellness

However, the determinant factor for whether an after school care program is successful depends upon if the program balances its academic instruction with a variety of structured, engaging and enjoyable extracurricular activities.

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After school programs that offer hands-on project-based experiential learning, like the one at the Junior Explorer Club, can reap a number of benefits, such as:

  • Higher school attendance rates
  • Lower tardiness rates
  • Less disciplinary action
  • Lower dropout rates
  • Better test scores and grades
  • Improved homework completion
  • Deeper engagement in learning

Scores of studies and decades-long research confirm that children in successful after school care programs improve their social and communication skills which leads to better relationships, increased self-confidence, and greater self-reliance while decreasing behavioral problems and lowering levels of anxiety and depression. Overall, your child will develop greater social skills that will improve their attitudes toward school and how they view themselves.

Youth left unsupervised for a period of hours each week, these studies have repeatedly validated, are at greater risk of either being victimized or engaging in at-risk behavior. This is just common sense since an unsupervised child simply has more opportunity and a greater potential for behaving in undesirable ways. By providing a safe, fun and productive environment with professional adult supervision, your child will be protected from harmful environments where drug and alcohol use may be prevalent or that can lead to juvenile crime.

Lastly, with childhood obesity becoming an epidemic in our country, after school programs like ours can positively effect the health and well-being of your child. By promoting fitness, good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices along with a steady regiment of enjoyable physical activities, your child’s overall general health can improve leading to a reduction in their weight, better blood pressure and better self-esteem of their own body image.


Common concerns about After School Care

There are over 52 million working parents in the United States today. A recent study found that at least 2.5 million working parents are overly stressed about the unsupervised time their child or children are spending each week. This worker stress is contributing to a loss of productivity at the workplace, with some estimates showing a loss of business productivity in the hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

Parents rightfully want what’s best for their children and know that without supervision their child is at greater risk of engaging in undesirable behavior. Upper Arlington parents are no different and are especially concerned with the types of supervised after school care that is available to them.

What are the essential criteria for having a successful aftercare program?

  1. Providing frequent and regular access to an after school care program that is tailored to the youth’s needs, interests and availability by offering opportunities for educational and creative growth in a community setting that promotes exposure to new and challenging ideas from interesting & intelligent people.
  2. Ensuring the satisfaction of our students by developing programs or “adventures” that are well-organized and engaging. This requires leadership and a well-trained team of staff who are dedicated to implementing the vision and goals from the onset. In addition, our staff serves as models of good behavior while providing constructive feedback and guidance.
  3. Delivering and leveraging quality partnerships with a variety of stakeholders, families, schools, churches and community assets to ensure the highest quality programs.

The Junior Explorer Club provides the best after school care in Upper Arlington because it achieves successful outcomes by ensuring it meets and exceeds these necessary criteria.


Get started with Junior Explorer Club’s Upper Arlington After School Care

Not all after school programs are equal. Those, like at the Junior Explorer Club, that implement well-designed and specialized programs that work to support student learning with experiential creative play in a safe haven with professional instructors who will help develop necessary life skills, are the most likely to produce successful outcomes.

Quality after school programs are those that serve to empower and inspire youth so they may become better citizens succeeding as high as their dreams can take them.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in our after school program then please give us a call to set up and meet & greet. We would love to discuss further with you all of the methods and activities we employ that ensures we offer the very best after school care in Upper Arlington.

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