Should Electronics be Allowed at the Dinner Table?

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No! Truth be told, I have let my kids bring electronics to a restaurant one time or two, but regret it ever since. When my kids were young, my husband and I let them have hand held electronics at the table so we could have an adult conversation and possibly eat in peace. But, the more I kept looking over and seeing how disconnected we were becoming; we started a new family rule. No electronics at any social table via home, restaurants or at a friend’s table.

This also includes parents too! It breaks my heart when I see a kid trying to communicate with mom or dad and they are engaged on their phone. Your child is trying to tell you how their day went and parents are too busy checking their social media updates.

The table was created in mind for people sitting around it and sharing some kind of meal or activity. This is a time for positive reflection; sharing and connecting. We live in a fast paced world where most of us are burning the candle at both ends to survive. Kids are running here and there, and parents are being pulled in all different directions. Can we at least take a moment to sit at a table with family or friends and put the electronics down for an hour and engage with the human beings that are right in front of you?

Even if you have a kid who can’t sit still and it’s torture going to a restaurant with them, sure electronics will definitely do the trick. But they will withdrawal from your world and join an unreal one. Is this what you want? With a little planning and creativity I can guarantee you an enjoyable family dinner anywhere!

Here are some fun activities to get you started at a dinner table anywhere. Please note that this is to be done together…as a family.

Interactive games to play together at a restaurant while waiting for your meal

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