Giddy up! Jr. Explorers discover saddling up for horseback riding is more than just fun.

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Horses are cute. Being outside is great. But there are so many lesser-known benefits to horseback riding that you may not know. Especially for kids.

What is hippotherapy?

Hippotherapy is the use of horseback riding as a therapeutic or rehabilitative treatment. You may have read how equine therapy can benefit autistic children; check out this article by the Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation <<insert link:>>, and the American Hippotherapy Association provides information about why a horse in particular is an effective partner for all kinds of people and therapies <<insert link:>>.

Empower through Horsepower!

What can our kids expect?

  1. They’ll see that riding helps with overall muscle tone and flexibility – especially one’s core muscles. It also enhances coordination and balance.
  2. They will have to stay focused – a rider must concentrate on the horse and plan ahead.
  3. It can be a meditative experience – the quiet and the rhythm can offer a time to reflect. When do today’s kids really have that opportunity?
  4. As with all of our adventures, the Explorers will bond through the experience as they help and encourage one another.
  5. And, working with animals can teach kids kindness: <<insert link:>>


Don’t put the horse before the cart!! Horseback riding is known to be an expensive hobby. This adventure will allow your child to get a feel for it and see if they love it – before committing more time and energy (and money) to it. The kids can discover what riding is all about before jumping all-in.

Saddle up! Sign up! Giddy up!

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