Christmas already two months away… No need to stress!

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Can you believe there is exactly two months until Christmas? And we all know how fast the next couple of months go! So, for those of you new to my newsletters, this is the one that everyone likes to follow. Not everyone looks forward to the holidays because of one reason or another, so

for those of you who need some support, here are some tips.

How to make it through the holidays as stress free as possible & how not loose your mind or go broke plan.

Let’s begin.. I cannot express this enough, plan, plan and plan.

Buy yourself a massage, yoga classes, reflexology, facial, whatever gives you that “ahhh” moment for the holidays. You need to tare care of yourself first and arm yourself for any potential stress coming your way! Also, get on Groupon now!

Next, figure out your budget per person and stick to it!

Start buying your teachers, mailman hairstylist etc. their gifts. Hint..most stylists like cash..teachers like gift cards to Bed Bath & Beyond. A lot of times a mom will step up to collect a group donation for one big gift for a teacher. Find that person in your kids class and throw in $10, done! That’s an easy button!

Starting tomorrow when I go grocery shopping I will purchase a gift card for a minimum amount of $25. I think you can find gift cards as low as $15. Everyone has different budgets so set your own limit per trip to the grocery store. If you can buy more one week great!

I will do this every week until a week before the holidays. Not only am I earning fuel perks but when it comes time to shop I have a ton of gift cards to use and shopping is actually fun! Because I have money to buy!

I will also be trolling all the Ebay, Craigslist, Amazon, overstock etc. sites and begin to purchase a gift here and there. (don’t forget to buy the amazon gift card at your local grocery store for the fuel perks).

If you know me I am a super thrifty shopper! There are still garage sales going on a and I swear to God I have gotten some of my best kitchen gadgets, pots and pans, glassware for under $5 that have never been used let alone opened!  No one will know!

Get yourself down to the higher end consignment stores and buy a designer scarf or piece of jewelry. BTW they have lay-away!

Groupons..great inexpensive activities, dinner deals and services being offered now!

For those of you reading this and are grandparents, with money being tight or no extra funds available for kids activities, buying a karate or dance session for your grand kids would be an awesome gift! Mom, if you’re reading this buying a cleaning service for me would be awesome! My house cleaning trolls escaped!!

Hopefully this has given you some fresh ideas and some support to help you gear up for the holidays which for some of us is a very stressful, mournful time.

Please share some ideas that have helped you in the past! More tips on a stress free holiday season in the next Newsletter. Don’t forget to buy a gift card today….