A benefit of exploring with Jr. Explorers

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A benefit of exploring with Jr. Explorers

Swimming. Golf. Rock climbing. Break dancing. Horseback riding. Martial arts. These are all fun things our kids have been doing.


Try Before you Buy

And while these activities are indeed fun, they also provide our parents/partners with an opportunity to let the kids try something new without the commitment. Explorers get to sample through the many adventures we offer. Horseback ride for an afternoon before committing to pricey lessons. Swing a club with friends before signing up for a week-long golf camp. Check out karate basics before having to buy the uniform and devoting your weeknights to carpooling. You get to see what your kids really want to do before you need to spend the time and money.


New Programming for Fall 2019/2020

With a new location and lots of space to explore, our programming is expanding too. This new year brings new opportunities for explorers to get hands-on learning and behind the scenes exclusive looks at chefs, engineers, small business owners, and more. We believe in laying the foundation early for our young explorers and hope to provide a new found love of something they are passionate about and might not even know it yet!

Open to More

If you are interested in sharing your career or if your kid is interested in something we haven’t yet tried, let us know! We are constantly expanding our horizons, and we will find a local expert and collaborate with them to let all the kids try it out. And if it is a hit, we can make it a regular activity, and your kid will have found a new interest to pursue. It’s a win-win for us, you and the kids as we work together give them a well-rounded, well-explored childhood.