What are the locations and hours of operation of the summer adventure camp?

Duration of Camp: June 3rd- through August 9th
We will be closed the week of July 1 – 5th.
*Hours of Operation 8 am – 6:00 pm unless specified.
*Before camp care begins at 7am (additional $10 per drop-off)

Drop off is always at Saint Mark’s Episcopal Church located at 2151 Dorset Rd UA, 43221

Pick up begins at 5 pm until 6:00 pm sharp.
Pick up at Mark’s or one of our local pools. You will be notified by text message by 4pm every day.
Tremont Library – 2800 Tremont Rd
Tremont Pool – 2850 Tremont Rd
Reed Road Water Park – 2000 Hastings Lane
Devon pool – 2070 South Mallway Drive


Do I need a pool pass? And do you need to be a resident to get one?

Yes. Your child will need a pool pass if they are attending camp for more than 2 weeks. We are at the pools at least 4 times per week.
Resident and non-resident pool passes are available at the Upper Arlington Parks & Recreation department.


What are the pool fees?

Daily pool fees:
Devon – $7
Reed rd. Water Park – $12
Tremont pool – $12


Can I pick my child up early?

Yes, however you will need to text us when you are on your way so we can have your child ready.
On occasion you will need to come in to the park, adventure or wherever we are and meet us. We may not be able to walk your child to the gate.
You must meet up with one of our counselors to be checked out.


Can someone other than a parent pick up my child if I cannot?

For security purposes, the only people authorized on the registration forms can pick up their children. If you need someone else to pick up, you will need to notify us in advance with the person’s name and a photo to identify them. We will not release any child to anyone that is not on the authorized pick up list.


What is the minimum age for your summer camp program?

Emerging fall kindergartners through 6th graders are welcome.


Do we have to live in Upper Arlington to join your camp?

No, but we are located in Upper Arlington. Our convenient drop-off/pick up location is just a few miles from the North Broadway/315 exit.


Who is supervising our children?

Michele Rapp, Chief Exploration Officer, mom of two boys in middle school, former pack and troop leader of cub scouts, adventure concierge and “that mom who isn’t afraid to get down and dirty!” We have a staff-to-child ratio of 1:6. Along with the chief, we have several young adult counselors who are working on their degrees at various local colleges. Lori Sachs, who has over 18 years of teaching in the Montessori arena and other summer camp programs is our Program Director. Our staff has been CPR certified and have gone through state & federal background checks along with being vetted by our insurance company.


What does my child need to bring to camp each day?

A packed lunch with a healthy beverage should be brought every day along with a swim suit and towel. They should bring a water bottle filled with water, please. We are a healthy camp. Please do not send pop with your child!


Can I send toys or electronic devices to camp with my child?

No. We are an outdoor adventure camp, and we are unplugged! Do not send any electronic devices with your child to camp. If your child has a phone, we will keep it until the end of the day.

No lovies, toys or anything else that is not camp related. I promise it will eventually get lost or broken and we do not want that! We are not responsible for anything that is brought to camp and gets lost or broken.


What is Signature Adventure Wednesdays?

Every Wednesday we leave Columbus for our “big adventure”. You will receive an email called, “Things to Know Before You Go”, this will give you your packing list, drop off/pick up times and any other information for an awesome adventure with us.


Can I send spending money along with my child?

Absolutely not. We have snacks for them. We always tell the campers that they can return with their family and spend away!


What if my child cannot go or doesn’t want to do the adventure?

You will need to make other arrangements for care for our adventure Wednesdays.


What if my child can’t swim or is not a strong swimmer?

It is mandatory that your child know how to swim to be a member of the Jr Explorer Club. Swim lessons at Premier at Sawmill Athletic Club are included twice a week. Everyone is required to participate in swimming lessons. Our goal is to build the future life guards!


Do you offer refunds if my child is sick or cannot make it to camp?

No, we do not unless we are given notice at least 48 hours ahead of time. However, your spot is transferable, so you can give or sell it to someone else. Our summer adventure camp is exclusive and we only have so many spots available. With that being said, if we can give you a raincheck we will, only if there are spots available.


My spouse and I are going through a messy divorce, what is the procedure for pick up?

I am very upfront about this; I do not allow spouses to talk about each other period. It is none of our business and at the end of the day, we are here for your children. Whomever signs their child up with us, is the “lead parent”, unless you tell us otherwise, we will not release your child to the other parent.


How do you discipline?

We have a “three strike and you are out” policy. First strike, we will pull your child aside and try and find out what’s going on and try and resolve the issue. 2nd strike is a stern warning that if the behavior does not change we will have to call a parent. The child will also be given a time out to reflect on their behavior and cooling off. On 3rd strike we call you and you must pick your child up wherever we are. They must come back to camp with a letter of apology and a promise to do better. With all of that said, we believe in redemption! If your child is having a bad day, which we all do from time to time, and your child does a good deed by helping someone, we will lift a strike and commend them on being a “great friend” or helper.