Please read our Welcome Letter with IMPORTANT UPDATES regarding Summer Camp 2021


Completed forms below must be turned into the JUNIOR EXPLORER CLUB prior to your child’s Summer Camp 2021 start date or on the first day of camp. Each child in the program must have their own forms completed before entering the Clubhouse.

Forms can be dropped off at The Clubhouse 1033 Old Henderson Road. For those Explorers going on adventures, we will require additional waiver forms to be signed. We will add them as needed and text you an alert with a link and due date in the next coming weeks.


FORMS and WAIVERS for Summer Camp 2021 and Early Explorers 

Health and Enrollment Form
Request for Medication Form (MUST be filled out for Sunscreen)
Child Medical Care Plan
Child Medical Statement (ONLY for Early Explorers in Toddlers/Preschool/PreK)
Questionnaire about your child 
Summer Camp Checklist 2021



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