Hi, I’m Michele Rapp, the CEO, Chief Exploration Officer. Our staff has been carefully selected through our thorough screening process including a direct referral, an in person interview, national background check, insurance company, CPR certified and three reference checks.

    Contact me today at 614-516-3325 or complete the form to send me a message. I will be glad to answer any questions.

    Yours in adventures,

    Michele Rapp, Chief Exploration Officer

    Department EmailsĀ 

    General information about the Junior Explorer Club – kelly@jrexplorerclub.com

    Early Explorers Teachers – earlyexplorers@jrexplorerclub.com

    Summer Adventures and Afterschool Care – exploremore@jrexplorerclub.com

    Update or change your child’s schedule – kim@jrexplorerclub.com

    BillingĀ  – billing@jrexplorerclub.com

    Marketing – marketing@jrexplorerclub.com