We are an exciting alternative to before and after school care offering multiple programming opportunities.  More than just a full-service childcare solution, we are an ADVENTURE PROGRAM! As a membership-based kids’ club, we host full-time and part-time programming from Preschool, Kindergarten Wrap, After School Care, Drop-in Playcare, Summer Camp adventures and more!

Our goal at the JUNIOR EXPLORER CLUB is to make certain your children are safe and happy, but also productive. We don’t see ourselves as a traditional latchkey program but rather advocates for your child’s social and educational development. We do this through educational creative care while using community involvement, or what we call ‘adventures’ that empower and inspire.


Our mission at the JUNIOR EXPLORER CLUB is to inspire and empower children through creative educational play via adventures in and around Ohio to learning valuable wilderness skills and develop essential life skills that will help develop their self-esteem, promote teamwork, friendship, and a sense of community and belonging. Unplugged from electronics and plugged into the world around us, our various programs will let children discover more of the great outdoors in the company of exceptional leaders.


Founded and located in Upper Arlington, Ohio, our club of Explorers are rapidly growing. We are thrilled to be on this adventure!



Every day with us is a new experience!

If you are interested in joining our team, click here to see the latest job openings.